The 2013 MFFA Conference in Natchez was a success with
over 150 firefighters in attendance. Some of the highlights included
the Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service, Vendor/Trade Show, and Saturday
Training which included excellent classroom lectures, SCBA Confidence
Course, and a Technical Rescue Course during which time the students
practiced hoisting objects with ropes and pulleys and rappelling. The
banquet Saturday night was nice and the entertainment was hilarious. It was a good time for all.

The 2013 Mid Winter Conference held in Jackson provided an
opportunity to meet with legislatures from throughout the state and do
some effective lobbying. As a result of this effort some important
pieces of legislation were passed. Listed below is a brief explanation
of each.

  • Starting in July 2013 $41.50 from each Mississippi Firefighter Car
    Tag purchased will be sent to the MFFA. The original thought of the
    executive board is that this money will be used to fund the Mississippi
    Burn Camp, assist with operation of the Mississippi Burn Lodge, and used
    for the betterment of the fire service in our state. In talking with
    some of you, in the past, I know that you have been reluctant to
    purchase the tags but now please reconsider. Also remember that there
    is a reduction in your ad volerem tax with this tag purchase but you do
    have to get a form filed out by the County Fire Coordinator and your
    Fire Chief.
  • Volunteer Firefighters in Mississippi will now be covered under the
    Mississippi Tort Claims Act which provides some limited liability
    protection. There is certain criteria that has to met so check with me,
    your Fire Chief, or County Fire Coordinator for further information.

Please take an opportunity to thank your local legislators for their support during the 2013 session and plan to attend the 2014 Mid Winter Conference in Brandon, MS to help us move the Fire Service forward.

The 2014 MFFA Conference is coming to the
Mississippi Gulf Coast. We are planning to provide training for
everyone to include classroom lecture, outside activities, and hot
drills. We want to make this the best conference we have ever had and
need every one's participation and input. Please send me an email with
any concerns or ideas.

It has been a pleasure representing you and the following counties
(Pearl River, Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, George, and Stone) on the MFFA
Executive Board over the past several years and I look forward to
continuing to do so. I would like to attend some meetings in your
county this year and ask that you provide me with some dates. Also
remember that according to the State Fire Coordinator Insurance Rebate Money can be used to pay membership dues and pay to attend your conference since training is offered.

District VP

My name is Steve Seal and I was recently selected at the 2011 MFFA Convention to serve as your District Vice President. I have been active in the fire service since 1979 and have seen many changes as most of you probably have. I began my career at Carriere Volunteer Fire Dept and shortly thereafter became employed with the Picayune Fire Dept. During my employment at Picayune I had the opportunity to attend multiple classes at our State Fire Academy. I currently volunteer at Pine Grove Volunteer Fire Dept in southern Pearl River County where I serve as Chief.
I am excited about the upcoming year and look forward to meeting and working with each of you. We need to come together, increase our membership, and develop common goals. By doing so we can work toward becoming one common voice to prioritize ideas and present to our leadership for change. I plan to try to meet as many departments as possible in the future. I would also ask that you please provide me with dates and times of your monthly meetings. Please feel free to email me at anytime with questions, ideas , or upcoming events you would like placed on our website.
Steve Seal