AFG - Vehicle Awards!!!

Please read the below conversation between Vincent Ramm with the AFG program and one of our fire chiefs here in MS. If you
receive an AFG for a vehicle your apparatus drivers MUST meet these requirements. These are the rules established
by those who develop the guidelines for the grant programs, not mine.

First is about the NFPA 1582 medical. Is that something we are required to do. I just read all of the requirements for the medical exams and checked with a local doctors office and that is going to cost us between $500 and $1000 per driver and I have 20 drivers. We can't afford that kind of expense.

ANSWER - Yes Sir, it is a requirement to operate an AFG funded vehicle.

Second is the driver operator course. We conduct a driver course yearly through VFIS or EVOC. Does that meet requirments?
Again there is the cost factor. The course if only offered throught the State Academy and is costly for a volunteer department.

ANSWER - EVOC is not considered a "comprehensive driver operators program". You need to read NFPA 1002 on what is the requirement for driver/operators.

I know a firefighters health is worth it all, but you got to have the money to do it. I talked with our fire coordinator today and he advised no department in our county has ever had to do the medical exam before and most of them have
been awarded grants for vehicles in the past.

*ANSWER - * If they received AFG funds for a vehicle, it is a requirement. I will talk to Brad Smith and let him know the requirement.